Edgar County Public Health Department is always working on making our community a safer place by helping protect from public health hazards. We welcome all concerns that deal with Edgar County food establishments as well as any nuisances that are outside Paris city limits.

At this time, all nuisance complaints that are within city limits need to be directed to City Hall (217) 465-7601. We appreciate our community and want to help ensure it stays beautiful!

Complaint Form

Complaints and Inspections

  1. All complaints shall be reported to the Environmental Health Department in writing and signed.
  2. The Environmental Health Department shall make such inspections as are necessary to investigate the complaint to determine if a violation of the Ordinance exists and to determine if remediation is necessary.

Notice of Remediation

Whenever the Environmental Health Department determines that a violation of the Ordinance exists, the Environmental Health Department shall give notice to the person(s) responsible for such violations.  The notice shall:

  1. Be in writing;
  2. Include a statement of reasons for issuance of notice;
  3. Allow a reasonable amount of time as determined by the Health Department for remediation which shall not be less than 24 hours unless a violation poses an imminent health hazard to the public. In the case of an imminent health hazard the Health Department may request help from other agencies in eliminating or alleviating the threat to the public; an extension of the remediation period is at the sole discretion of the Health Department.
  4. Notice is properly served when it is personally delivered to the person(s), owner or occupant responsible for the premises, when it is sent by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, to the last known address of the person(s) responsible for the premises, or when person(s) responsible for the premises have been served with such notice by any other method authorized by the laws of the State of Illinois;
  5. In the event that violation(s) of the Ordinance continues beyond remediation, the matter will be turned over to the Edgar County State’s Attorney.

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