Welcome to the Edgar County Public Health Department

COVID-19 Testing results for Edgar County as of August 5th 2020:

Lab-Confirmed Positive: 28    

   Probable Cases: 21*


Outcomes of the combined Lab-Confirmed Positive and Probable Cases:

Hospitalized: 1

Home Isolation: 12

Recovered: 36


Due to the High Volume of testing in our county, we will now only post the results of Lab-Confirmed Positive and Probable Cases. 

  *Some rapid COVID-19 tests are not recognized by IDPH/CDC as a confirmed, positive test. Therefore, these tests are listed as probable. Probable cases are still required to isolate for 14 days and contact tracing is completed. If an additional test is performed and results as positive, the probable then becomes a positive, lab-confirmed case of COVID-19. 


Looking for the IDPH Daily News Releases relating to COVID-19 results? Please visit their website here.

We moved into Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan Friday, June 26th! Visit here to see more information and guidance. Get information on offices, retail, health and fitness, personal care, youth sports, indoor/outdoor dining, and much more! Phase 4 Reopening Guidance


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