The Edgar County Public Health Department was formed by resolution by the Edgar County Board in 1994.  The Department operates under the guidance and direction of the Edgar County Board of Health.

Our Staff:

We have a total of 20 staff members working diligently to provide services to the residents of Edgar County:

  • (1) Administrator
  • (1) Assistant Administrator / Hygienist
  • (1) Director of Nursing
  • (1) Communicable Disease Registered Nurse
  • (1) WIC Registered Nurse
  • (1) Health Educator / Registered Nurse
  • (1) Part time Breastfeeding Peer Counselor
  • (1) Registered Dietician
  • (1) WIC Clerk
  • (2) Receptionists
  • (1) Dentist
  • (1) Part time Dentist
  • (2) Hygienists
  • (1) Dental Clinic Coordinator / Hygienist
  • (2) Dental Assistants
  • (1) Environmental Sanitarian
  • (1) Billing Clerk

Some of our many services:

  • Breastfeeding Peer Counseling

  • Car Seat Safety Checks

  • Communicable Disease – Animal Bite Investigations; Child and Adult Immunizations; Free HIV/Hep C Testing; Lice education and treatment; Laboratory Testing at Reduced Cost; Pregnancy Testing; STI Testing; TB Skin Tests

  • Dental Services ‐ General Dentistry: Fillings, Extractions, Crowns; Dentures & Partials; Preventative Services: Cleanings, Fluoride, Sealants, Exams & X-rays; Emergency Services; Referrals

  • Emergency Preparedness & Response

  • Environmental Health – Food, Well, & Septic Inspections; Food, Gambling, Liquor, Septic, & Tobacco Permits; Food Sanitation Classes; Nuisance Complaints; Water Testing; West Nile Virus Surveillance & Testing; Mosquito Abatement Assistance

  • Health Education – Tobacco/Vaping/E-cigarettes; Be Proud, Be Responsible (Teen Pregnancy, STIs, Drug/Alcohol Abuse); Oral Health/Dental Hygiene; Brain Power (Drug/Alcohol Abuse); Safety; General Health Topics; Health Fairs and School Presentations; Vision and Hearing Screenings

  • Illinois Tobacco Free Communities – Smoke-Free Illinois Compliance; Tobacco Cessation (Illinois Tobacco Quitline Referrals); Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces Initiative

  • Lead Prevention – Education; Testing; Follow-up Case Management (home visits, nutrition education, counseling)

  • WIC / Family Case Management – Health and developmental screenings; personalized 1:1 nutrition education and counseling; breastfeeding education and support

  • Women’s Health Clinic – Annual Exams (Breast/Pelvic); Family Planning; Pregnancy Testing; Contraception; STI Testing; Referrals for Mammograms

We served more than 10,302 clients and presented at 47 different community events and/or schools in 2019, serving Edgar County residents and the surrounding areas. Call or stop by to see what we can do for you!

Our Mission:

To prevent premature death and disease and to increase the quality of life among all residents by promoting the health and wellness of its’ citizens through intervention, public education, and by providing direct health services.

Message from the Board President:

I have been honored to continue to serve as President of the Edgar County Board of Health this past year. This board is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Edgar County Public Health Department, while providing direction and support.

During this past year, ECPHD has effectively maintained all current programs and services. We have tried to better meet the needs of our communities by offering more dental coverage in area schools. Our efforts have become literally more visible to the public with our food certificate ratings posted on front doors of dining establishments.

Our community health programs ensure the continued health and safety of local residents through intervention, public education, and direct health services. We strive to provide the core programs essential for the health of the community, to the best of our abilities. We also try to expand and grow our capabilities. Moreover, we actively participate and support local health initiatives, such as Bee Well and C.A.R.E. groups, and events. The Board is thankful for the dedicated staff at ECPHD, and we would like to recognize their hard work and achievements this past year. Our success is directly correlated to their superior service.

On behalf of the Board and the staff of the Edgar County Public Health Department, we look forward to continuing to serve the needs of our communities.


Oliver M. Smith

Board of Health President

Dear Residents of Edgar County,

Once again, on behalf of the staff here at the Edgar County Public Health Department (ECPHD), I wish to thank you for your continued support.  The ultimate goal of the Edgar County Public Health Department is to provide excellence in service in the ever-changing face of public health.  From identifying the needs of the community, ECPHD continues to provide a wide variety of valuable programs and services to the people of Edgar County and surrounding areas. These services include the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program; Family Case Management (FCM); the Edgar County Dental Clinic; the Car Seat program; Illinois Tobacco-Free Communities Program; the numerous Environmental Programs, which provide food, water, well, and septic inspections; Vector Control including West Nile Virus testing; Emergency Preparedness; Health Education, teaching a variety of topics, including Vaping/E-cigarettes, Drug Abuse, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Hygiene, and Safety; the Lead Prevention Program; and the Chronic and Communicable Disease Program. We offer free testing for HIV and Hepatitis C. We also offer lab work at reduced cost. Our Dental Clinic provides general dentistry (fillings, crowns, and extractions), Preventative Services (cleanings, fluoride, sealants), Exams and X-rays, Dentures and Partials, and  Referrals. We also provide exams and preventive care to students in our area schools.

Under the guidance and direction of the board of health and the county board, and with the unyielding support of the community, the Edgar County Public Health Department will continue to provide these much needed programs and services to the community for years to come.  Most important to our continued success is the ECPHD staff that work tirelessly, with unwavering enthusiasm and dedication to their profession and their community.

I invite you to stop and tour our facility and take advantage of the many services and benefits that your local Public Health Department has to offer.  This is your Health Department and we are here to serve you.


Janet Mason, Administrator

Edgar County Board of Health:

Oliver Smith, R.PH, President

Rahat Sheikh, MD,  Medical Director

Jason Graham, DDS

John McNary

Dan Bruner

Cindy Belt

Kathy Lientz