During the last year, the Edgar County Dental Clinic (ECDC) had over 7,250 patient encounters. The clinic continues to provide dental exams, fillings, extractions, crowns, denture services, and emergency procedures to uninsured and under insured patients under the clinical direction of Dr. Renee DuChane. ECDC is also fortunate to have Dr. David Llewellyn providing much-needed extractions for patients who have teeth that cannot be saved.

Our hygiene department provides dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, and silver diamine fluoride (SDF) treatments.

Dental Services Include:

  • Examinations and Education

  • General and Preventive Dental Services

  • School Exams & Preventive Services

  • Sealants for Grant Eligible Students

  • Dental Referrals

  • Denture Services

  • Chronic Disease Education

  • Nutrition Education

  • Oral Health Education

  • Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation

Our Dental staff includes (1) Full time Dentist; (1) Part time Dentist; (1) Program Manager/Dental Hygienist; (1) Clinic Coordinator/Dental Hygienist; (2) Dental Hygienists; (2) Dental Assistants; (1) Receptionist / Dental Assistant

During 2019, the clinic provided over:

Dental Examinations
Fluoride Treatments
Dental Sealants
Fillings and Crowns
Denture and Partial Procedures
Emergency Procedures

Edgar County Dental Clinic has several outreach programs through which we serve the community:

  • We are proud to partner with Lake Land College School of Dental Hygiene to provide a public health dental experience for senior dental hygiene students.
  • School-based services continue to expand as more children become enrolled in the program each year. The school program currently serves 9 school districts (30 schools) in Edgar, Clark, and Vermilion Counties.
  • ECDC’s Community Oral Health Consultant is an asset in the community as she delivers oral health education programs in schools, organizations, facilities, and at community events.
  • Our Oral Health Consultant also coordinates the WIC dental services, a special dental program for moms and children (birth to five years) who participate in the Edgar and Clark County WIC program.