Mike Burger works under the supervision of the Director of Environmental Health. He joined ECPHD in July of 2021. Mike supports all environmental health programs with a focus on the retail food establishment inspections. The safety of our community is our first priority when it comes to inspecting food establishments. Mike is committed to preventing food borne illnesses and ensuring compliance of the Food Code by inspecting retail food establishments on a regular basis. Mike is an asset to our environmental health department.

The ECPHD Environmental Health Department provides the following services to our community:

  • New construction or remodel consultations for retail food establishments
  • Food establishment and retail food store permits and inspections
  • Temporary and mobile food permits
  • Food-borne illness complaints and investigation
  • Offer private water well sample kits
  • Water well permits for new and modified wells
  • Private sewage disposal investigation, inspection, and consultation
  • Sewage permits for private sewage disposal systems
  • Nuisance complaint investigation
  • Collect dead birds for testing during season
  • WNV prevention, trapping, collection, and testing of specimens
  • Larvicide application
  • Tanning and body art facility inspections
  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness

We do not handle any investigations of the following:

  • Bed bugs
  • Mold and asbestos
  • Ticks
  • Nuisances that do not pose a threat to the public’s health (civil disputes with landlords, inside conditions of homes)
  • Pest management (bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, spiders and other pests)
  • Animal control/abuse

Current Fee Schedule

Septic Permit $125.00
Water Well Permit $125.00
Water Well Sample $20.00
Temporary Food Permit (2-14 consecutive days) $50.00
Temporary Food Permit (seasonal, 3 or more events) $75.00
Temporary Food Permit (Seasonal (NFP) $25.00
Temporary Food Permit (NFP) $10.00
Mobile Food Permit  see application
Food Permit Cat I* $250.00
Food Permit Cat II* $200.00
Food Permit Cat III* $100.00
Food Permit for Schools $50.00
Food Permit for Non-For Profit 50% reduction in Fee
Food Permit for Seasonal Establishments (open less than 6 months of the calendar year) $50.00
Late Registration Fee for Temporary Food Permit $25.00
Late Registration for Food Permit $25.00
Plan Review for New Construction $150.00
Plan Review for Remodel $100.00
Re-Inspection Fee $25.00
Health Permit (replacement copy) $5.00
Placard (replacement copy) $5.00