Marissa Beck is a Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner and is the Director of Environmental Health. She works as the only full-time sanitarian for the department. She has been with ECPHD since 2015 and has helped our Environmental Health department grow to greater heights with her hard work and strong work ethic. She works diligently to improve our food program and the safety of our community is her first priority when it comes to inspecting food establishments. In addition, she offers a Free Food Handler Training for our county residents.

Marissa completes all retail food, temporary/mobile food, septic, and well inspections. She also handles all public health nuisances and water samples. She also is licensed in larvicide application to minimize mosquito breeding sites. She helps protect the public with activities in West Nile Virus, Tobacco with the Smoke-Free Illinois Act, and Public Health Emergency Prepardeness.

Current Fee Schedule

Septic Permit $125.00
Water Well Permit $125.00
Water Well Sample $20.00
Temporary Food Permit (2-14 consecutive days) $50.00
Temporary Food Permit (seasonal, 3 or more events) $75.00
Temporary Food Permit (Seasonal (NFP) $25.00
Temporary Food Permit (NFP) $10.00
Mobile Food Permit $50.00
Food Permit Cat I* $125.00
Food Permit Cat II* $100.00
Food Permit Cat III* $75.00
Food Permit for Schools $50.00
Food Permit for Non-For Profit 50% reduction in Fee
Food Permit for Seasonal Establishments (open less than 6 months of the calendar year) $50.00
Late Registration Fee for Temporary Food Permit $25.00
Late Registration for Food Permit $25.00
Plan Review for New Construction $150.00
Plan Review for Remodel $100.00
Re-Inspection Fee $25.00
Health Permit (replacement copy) $5.00
Placard (replacement copy) $5.00