Application for Mobile Unit

Please remit a fee of $50.00 from the Owner or Company Name to the Edgar County Public Health Department 502 Shaw Avenue, Paris, IL 61944

We accept check, money order, or credit/debit with a small processing fee.

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Route Sheet

Changes to the route listed below must be submitted to the Health Department.

Please read and INITIAL on the line provided to the left of each statement below.

Food and ice must be obtained from an approved source. Receipts may be required. Proper scoops must be used for dispensing ice.

All food must be prepared on site or in an approved kitchen. Home prepared food will not be allowed for service. Meat and poultry products must be USDA or IDA inspected with proper labeling provided.

Adequate cold holding equipment must be provided to maintain potentially hazardous cold foods at 41F or below at all times. Commercial grade refrigeration units are strongly suggested.

Adequate hot holding equipment must be provided to maintain potentially hazardous hot foods at 135F or above. Proper cold and hot holding temperatures must be maintained during transportation.

A metal stemmed thermometer must be provided (glass is not acceptable) ranging from 0F-220F for monitoring internal cooking and holding temperatures. Thermometers must be accurate to +/- 2F.

Equipment, utensils, etc. must be in good condition (no chips, pitting, etc.) All equipment and utensils must be cleaned and sanitized before the beginning of the event and as often as necessary, but no less than once a day. Any stand that is found to have a food build up on their equipment shall be shut down until all equipment is disassembled cleaned and sanitized.

Hand washing facilities must be provided including a hands-free flowing type container with a spout, warm water, liquid soap, single use/disposable paper towel, and a container for catching wastewater.

No direct/bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods. Must use gloves, tongs, tissues, or utensils.

An approved water source must be provided. Food grade hoses are required and devices (i.e. vacuum breakers) must be provided to prevent back flow and back siphon age when a connection to a water supply is needed.

Dishwashing facilities may be required to wash, rinse, and sanitized equipment and utensils. Sanitizer concentration must be 50ppm chlorine or equivalent (approximately 1 tablespoon or capful of bleach per gallon of water).

Wiping cloth bucket must be provided with 100ppm chlorine concentration or equivalent to sanitize all food contact surfaces.

Test strips are required. Test strips are the only way to accurately determine sanitizer concentration. If you do not have test strips ask the health department where to purchase them.

All liquid wastewater must be disposed of into public sewers or in a manner approved by the Board of Health. Adequate waste receptacles must be provided.

All Mobile food stands must provide an overhead cover to protect the interior of the stand from the weather. Covers must be provided over all cooking equipment. All walls, ceiling and windows screened or protected with an approved air curtain to prevent entry insects. Doors must be self-closing.

Effective hair restraints must be provided and used by all employees (i.e. hairnets, hats, etc.).

Only single-service utensils shall be used (forks, knives, spoons, cups, and plates) and shall be stored and dispensed in a way to prevent contamination.

Condiments (i.e. sugar, sauces, etc.) must be dispensed from approved, covered containers or single service packets (i.e. pump dispenser, “squeeze” type bottle, containers with self-closing lids, etc.)

Stands will not be allowed to open until the Edgar County Health Department has conducted an inspection. Inspections will be conducted by appointment only. Please set up an inspection time prior to event. 217-466-3564.


By submitting this electronic form, I certify that I have reviewed this permit application and completed it to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be onsite at time of the event and will comply with all the rules and regulations of the provisions of the Food Service Sanitation Code adopted by the Edgar County Public Health Department. I further agree that a valid permit issued to us by the Edgar County Public Health Department shall be in our possession and displayed on the premised at all times during operation of this mobile food service establishment.