Yard / Garage Sales Guidance

June 8, 2020

This document summarizes ECPHD’s recommendations for buyers and sellers at garage/yard sales. This guidance will be reviewed and updated as needed as we transition into further re-opening phases.

Phase 3 allows all gatherings of 10 people or less. If you decide to have or attend a garage/yard sale during this phase, the Edgar County Public Health Department asks you to follow these guidelines to help limit the possibility of spreading COVID-19:

  • Consider selling your things online using platforms such as Facebook.
  • DO NOT HOLD OR ATTEND A SALE IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19. People may also carry the virus but not show symptoms so please maintain 6-foot distancing or wear a mask to help protect others, and limit contact time with those not in your household.


  • Space tables so 6-foot distancing can be maintained by the shoppers. Spread out your sale in the driveway or yard to maximize fresh airflow. Do not have items inside the garage or other buildings with walls that would limit airflow. Open carports or pop-up canopies may be used for shade.
  • Do not pass money directly hand to hand. Have customers lay cash on the table and return change the same way to help maintain 6-foot distancing. Sanitize the table often.
  • Sanitize or wash hands after handling money.
  • Mark 6-foot distances on the ground to provide a visual marker for any customers in line.
  • Wear mask if 6-foot distancing cannot be maintained from people outside of your household.


  • Do not handle items until ready to purchase.
  • Carry small bills and change so you can pay exact price to limit money being passed back and forth.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Carry hand sanitizer with you and use before re-entering your vehicle. If you have used gloves, please dispose of them properly into a trash receptacle.
  • Sanitize items as needed before taking them into your home.

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