The Communicable Disease Division programs play an essential role in protecting the residents of Edgar County. By controlling Infectious Disease (in which most of the work is done behind the scenes) we are improving the overall health and wellness of the community.

The responsibilities within the division consist of management of communicable diseases, tuberculosis screening and testing, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, Hepatitis C and HIV testing, venipuncture, intramuscular or subcutaneous medication administration, adult and childhood immunizations, lice screenings and treatment, and investigating all reportable diseases with the Illinois Department of Public Health. The division is also responsible for conducting health screenings, such as blood pressure checks and drawing lab work to check blood glucose, cholesterol, lipid profiles, and more. Many programs are free or provided at a reasonable rate, allowing access to all. Furthermore, we continue to work with several county offices to prepare and carry out the influenza plans of action each year.

At the Edgar County Public Health Department, we offer free STD, HIV, and Hepatitis C testing for those who are at risk. We also offer free treatment for STDs to any individual, along with partner services. By providing STD testing services, we are given the opportunity to provide patient education and risk reduction, which play a vital role in reducing the spread of STDs. Undiagnosed chlamydial and gonorrheal infections are important preventable causes of infertility. Earlier identification of medical conditions enables individuals to seek appropriate intervention and possibly minimize the severity of the condition.

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  • Animal Bite Investigations

  • Communicable Disease Reporting & Tracking

  • Hep C / HIV / STD Testing

  • Immunizations

  • Lab Draws

  • Lice Education

  • Medication Administration

  • Pregnancy Testing

  • TB Tests

2021  Statistics      

Influenza Vaccine – Adult 314
Influenza Vaccine – Child 9
COVID-19 Vaccines 7, 464
Childhood Immunizations 112
Other Adult Immunizations 6
TB Screenings (Child) 5
TB Tests (Adult) 111
Lab Draws 43
STD Tests (Gonorrhea / Chlamydia) 11
HIV Tests 4
Hepatitis C Tests 4
Animal Bite Investigations 20
Lice Education & Treatments 8

2021 continued to be a challenging year with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Edgar county gave it’s first COVID-19 Moderna vaccine in January and continued to give vaccines through drive-thru clinics set up around the community and clinics held at the Edgar County Public Health Department. Our nurses and staff worked tirelessly tracing cases and all of their contacts, giving vaccines, educating the community, and constantly adapting to new guidance issued by the CDC and IDPH. Our staff has continued to monitor the hotlines to be available to our community 7 days a week.