Project Description

The Health Education Department’s responsibility is to provide the residents of Edgar County with health and safety information that will contribute to their everyday lives. We believe education is the key to prevention. Tobacco Prevention/Cessation, E-cigarette/Vaping, STIs, Hep C, HIV, Drug abuse, Handwashing, Hygiene, Oral Health Instruction, Safety, and Women’s Health are all topics taught by the Health Education Department.

With the E-cigarette epidemic continuing to rise and the popularity of E-cigarettes among youth at an all-time high, E-cigarette/Vaping Education continues to be one of the most requested health topics to be presented at local schools. Our Health Educator is available to give E-cigarette presentations to students in grades 5-12. E-cigarette/Vaping is a current hot topic and information regarding the dangers of Vaping is not well-known, so it is very important that we continue to spread the word to our youth about the health risks associated with vaping and dispel the many myths and misinformation about the topic. These presentations have shown to be well-received by students and staff alike.

The Health Educator also participates in the Bee Well Coalition, Cancer Friendship Group, C.A.R.E. Coalition, Tobacco Coalition, the REC School’s Out Program, local Health fairs, parades, festivals, parent advisory meetings, and other community events continually throughout the year.

Our Health Educator is also a Certified Vision Technician and Certified Audiological Technician, able to perform the mandated State of Illinois Hearing and Vision Screenings, as required by IDPH. If your school, preschool, or licensed daycare is in need of a Hearing and Vision Technician to perform these services, please give us a call.

2019 Statistics:

Presentation: Age Group: # of Schools Received
E-Cigarette/Vaping Education 5th-12th Grade 7
Handwashing Pre-K – 3rd Grade 9
Oral Health Information Pre-K – 6th Grade 17
Activity / Event / Presentation # of Presentations
Daycare Presentations (Nutrition, Oral Health, etc.) 4
REC School’s Out Presentations 6
Health Fairs 4
Parades / Festivals 2

If you would like our Health Educator to attend your event or to schedule a presentation for your school or organization, please call: 217-466-3569